Tory leadership: Rory Stewart decries opponents’ ‘fairy tales’ – stay files

Tory leadership: Rory Stewart decries opponents’ ‘fairy tales’ – stay files


Neatly, nicely, nicely… Rory Stewart appears to be like to have aid-paddled on what he acknowledged just correct over an hour ago. It in fact doesn’t to find unimaginative.

Jessica Elgot

Bomb defused

June eleven, 2019

My colleague Jessica Elgot explains the deliberate Labour motion in extra dispute here:

And here a courageous prophecy from LBC Radio’s James O’Brien:

James O’Brien

For factual or ill, Rory Stewart would completely annihilate Jeremy Corbyn in a total election.

June eleven, 2019

My colleague Patrick Wintour on Rory Stewart’s efficiency this day:

Patrick Wintour

When it involves energy, biography and intellect, @rorystewart operates on a diversified stage to the relaxation of the topic making @borisjohnson gape like a monochrome buffoon. As opposed to revealing he personally planted 5,000 bushes, he says he advocates compromise. He has no chance.

June eleven, 2019

Earlier Steve Baker, the leading Tory Brexiteer and deputy chair of the European Study Crew, set out this assertion about his colleague, Tory MP Oliver Letwin, backing the Labour motion:

Oliver Letwin brings nearer a total election which also can leave Conservatives maintaining as few as 26 seats. Colluding with this Labour leadership to disclaim Authorities establish a watch on of the Commons industry is unconscionable for being firmly in opposition to the national hobby.

My colleague Andrew Sparrow says it’d be dazzling to prefer that Baker feels the same referring to the chance of Rory Stewart vote casting for Labour’s motion.

Extra praise for Rory Stewart, here from the FT’s Sebastian Payne:

Sebastian Payne

Rory Stewart’s leadership campaign is reminding me of Jeremy Corbyn in 2015. Quirky, unconventional but legitimate. The 500 people turning up to his launch and millions on social media demonstrate he’s tapped into one thing. His compromise/moderation message is what heaps of people desire.

June eleven, 2019

And here Lewis Goodall from Sky alongside with his gape on Stewart:

Lewis Goodall

You’ve bought to hand it to Stewart: he’s doing it otherwise. In a from time to time unhurried contest, he’s made it just a tiny bit better.

June eleven, 2019

Lewis Goodall

.@RoryStewartUK has no lower than made a contrast to this flee- done it his formulation, has influenced the controversy, acknowledged ravishing fearlesslesy what he thinks referring to the frontrunner and a long way of the (incorrect) prevailing wisdom in the Conservative occasion. Can’t inform that of all, or most.

June eleven, 2019

Lewis Goodall

That acknowledged, Rory Stewart’s opinion is largely just correct May perhaps also’s opinion, to to find her deal via Parliament, an thought which, that you just can need noticed, she tested to destruction. Thus it’s miles as deluded as many of the solutions of his colleagues.

June eleven, 2019

The Irish PM, Leo Varadkar, has warned MPs no longer to prefer that because they’ve blocked Theresa May perhaps also’s Brexit deal, they’ll uncover a bigger one when a recent high minister is in topic, my colleague Lisa O’Carroll reviews.

Varadkar acknowledged:

I’m just a tiny bit alive to that some people in London appear to divulge that since the Dwelling of Total failed to ratify the settlement that that mechanically ability they’ll uncover a bigger one and that’s a abominable political miscalculation and I’m hoping that’s no longer the one who’s being made proper via the water.

They made some miscalculations alongside the formulation, at the beginning they belief that after the UK made up our minds to depart that Eire could perhaps plunge into line, that we could perhaps leave too and we didn’t and we’re no longer.

And a few belief when push came to shove that Eire could perhaps be deserted that EU cohesion would shatter and as well they were contaminated about that.

And I in fact hope that they’re no longer making a extra political miscalculation.

Twitter is soundless in matches about Rory Stewart’s remarks referring to his willingness to aid a Labour motion geared in opposition to blocking off no-deal.

This from Labour MP Keir Starmer:

Keir Starmer

Appropriate form to have you ever on board @RoryStewartUK

June eleven, 2019

One Robert Peston appears to be like to be blown away by Stewart’s launch.

Robert Peston

.@RoryStewartUK electrified this tent. He delivered essentially the most coherent and lyrical launch speech of any candidate. On this showing the Tories have came proper via a factual star. But they’ll reject him, because his “moderate” views are out of touch alongside with his occasion. Labour will seemingly be relieved

June eleven, 2019

This just correct in from BuzzFeed’s Alex Wickham.

Alex Wickham

NEW: Dominic Raab is refusing to prefer a non-disclosure settlement he entered into with a female primitive colleague

The one who wants to be High Minister told BuzzFeed Data the factual time to prefer the NDA became in court in 2012, no longer now

June eleven, 2019

BuzzFeed Data asked Dominic Raab if he could perhaps be appealing to launch a primitive female colleague from the confidentiality provisions she entered after one among his most excessive profile supporters, Maria Miller MP, told the BBC that the claims of bullying made in opposition to him were “vexatious”.

From my colleague Jessica Elgot:

Jessica Elgot

💣 Rory Stewart suggests he also can aid Labour’s switch to alter the parliamentary agenda to enable time to dam no deal. Colossal deal if a Tory leadership candidate helps this (and a sacking offence from cabinet..)

June eleven, 2019

Jedidajah Otte

This from Sky’s Beth Rigby:

Beth Rigby

Rory Stewart says his ‘instinct is to be wholly supportive’ of a Labour’s switch to legislate in opposition to a No Deal, prorogation. Joining Oliver Letwin.

“I’m fully in opposition to No Deal and I’m fully in opposition to prorogation” >> This could perhaps also arouse the occasion.

June eleven, 2019

Rory Stewart says he is minded to toughen Labour switch to enable MPs to legislate to dam no-deal Brexit

Rory Stewart has just correct told the viewers at his launch match that he is minded to aid the Labour motion being debated day after today intended to enable MPs to rule out a no-deal Brexit. Asked about it, he acknowledged:

A proposal is now being introduced ahead via legislation to take a look at out to take no-deal off the desk, and I imagine prorogation off the desk.

The first thing is, I’m fully in opposition to no-deal and fully in opposition to prorogation. I haven’t read the principle points of this. My instinct is I could perhaps be wholly supportive of a switch that tried to enact that. Why? Because no-deal is no longer any longer a credible threat. No one can to find no-deal via parliament because we, including me, will discontinuance no-deal going via parliament.

Right here is extra special. The govt. is more seemingly to whip its MPs to vote in opposition to the Labour motion. If Stewart were to defy the whip and aid it, or even abstain, he could well be sacked – in some unspecified time in the future earlier than the fundamental vote in the Tory leadership contest.

Andrew Sparrow

Right here is Michael Gove on the Labour motion being debate day after today.

Michael Gove

Whereas I would map shut to depart the EU with a bigger deal, we should no longer rule out no deal. If in the slay it came to a different between no deal and no Brexit, I would to find no deal. Labour’s plans to resolve establish a watch on of the industry of the Commons also can soundless be resisted. #ReadytoLead

June eleven, 2019

That’s all from me for this day.

My colleague Jedidajah Otte is taking on now.

Stewart says, if elected chief, he’ll stroll via every county in the country, being attentive to people. He will use the energy he picks up to compose the UK a bigger nation.

And that’s it. His opening speech is over.

Abet to the Rory Stewart launch, and Stewart has just correct been talking about what number of bushes he has planted.

He is now talking about his father, a Scot who used to wear a kilt when he became working in Asia. He says he has been thinking of his father because they visited the D-day beaches together.

Stewart says his father loved being in the military, but became angry with the officers at D-day.

His father became a fight college trainer. He taught solidiers suggestions to manoeuvre. But at D-day his commanding officer overlooked this, and told infantrymen to march 9-abreast. They were killed.

He says the lesson his father learnt from this became that courage is in the state between cowardice and foolhardiness.

(Stewart talks extra about his father in the very though-provoking interview he gave to Cut Robinson’s Political Pondering podcast. Stewart’s father ended up deputy head of MI6.)